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Kathleen E. High has been working with adults in education and career transition for over 20 years.  She has held a variety of positions working for public and private universities as well as community colleges in Kathleen E HighCalifornia.  Currently, she teaches various college-success classes at Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, California and has counseled and taught at Cypress College in Cypress, California, and at Golden West College in Huntington Beach, California. To address the demands of today’s world of continuous change, she also has an independent consulting business, Your Dreams & Goals.  Her roles, and the challenges brought on by the current economic situation, prompted her to also start a support group for the unemployed to give them a safe place to talk about what they are facing. Working with students, adults in transition, and the unemployed showed her that more work needs to be done, thus prompting her to start this organization as well.
Kathleen attempted college at 18, but was not ready to give it what it takes.  Therefore, like many young students, she repeatedly dropped classes, did not do homework, and just “floundered around” while attending the community college (mostly part-time).  Consequently, she spent 18 years at the community college before gaining enough self-discipline, focus and understanding of priorities to be able to finish the classes she started.
In the meantime, she had been working full-time for almost 20 years in various administrative jobs in the corporate sector until she was laid off in 1997 from a nine-year position. She realized she should take the opportunity to go back to school full time to finish her bachelor’s and master’s degrees. She finished the last 120 units of her BS in two years and both degrees in four years total. In addition to achieving approximately 150 graduate units overall, this journey required her to hold over 15 jobs over those 15 years to make that transition possible. The challenge of making this mid-life career change despite lack of guidance and financial resources prompted her to want to assist other adults who also want to pursue their dreams.
Through her years of work and personal experience, she has had several opportunities to start up and manage multiple volunteer entities, such as a corporate running team, newsletter production teams, community-based Myers-Briggs workshops, and support group. Her nearly 20 years of work experience in the corporate sector has also provided her an opportunity to develop strong administrative skills and business savvy as well.