Frequently Asked Questions

New Career Vision
Career Transition Resource Center
Holistically empowering individuals with information, resources and support 
to achieve their education and career dreams
Frequently Asked Questions
How do we differ from traditional employment one-stop centers?
Traditional one-stop centers have a mission of helping their clients obtain gainful employment as soon as possible. They focus on the short-term, especially when it comes to considering pursuing additional training.  If the client wants or needs further training, they will generally only support short-term training programs. Unfortunately they will not, and cannot help an individual who may want to pursue a longer-term career goal, especially one that requires long-term education, such as a college degree. 
Whereas New Career Vision’s purpose is to help clients identify and pursue more fulfilling long-term goals.  We help our clients with short-term goals that will benefit them in the long run as well.
We also recognize the psychological and spiritual impact of the journey.  Most career one-stops are government affiliated, so they can’t address spiritual issues. 
Some of our clients will want to pursue the goal of “gainful employment as soon as possible.”  Oftentimes in these circumstances, the best way  we can help them is to offer referrals to their local one-stop center.
What is the difference between job search and career research?
We see the difference as primarily being short-term focused vs. long-term focused.  
Job search refers to what you need to do to get a job right now:  It includes things such as resume and interview preparation, knowing where to look for jobs, etc. This process also includes identifying whether or not you have any barriers (licensing, criminal convictions, skills update, etc.) to obtaining your short-term job goal. 
Whereas career research is looking for that dream job that you would like to ultimately obtain one day.   It may be a job that you are not yet ready to obtain because perhaps you don’t have enough education and/or experience. The research process includes identifying what a person holding that job does, what qualifications you need to get it, how much education you need, what are the current and projected trends for that field, etc. It also includes interviewing people who have real-world experience in that field to obtain more information about it. 
What is the client’s role/responsibility in the process?
Client success will be measured by your ability to take the initiative and responsibility for identifying and addressing your own needs, and thereby no longer depending on the Resource Center for survival and / or direction.
We are here to empower you to achieve your dreams. In order to do that, you will need to assume responsibility for doing your part.  Our role is to help you know what you need to do, and also to help you get those things done.  Therefore individuals who are not willing to assume responsibility for taking responsibility for doing their part are not a good fit for this resource center. 
What if I am not in a position to pay for services?
This non-profit resource center was formed to provide needed resources to a population of adults who may have once been able to pay for such services, but may no longer be able to do so.
Our workshops are free, open to the public, and often serve as a gateway to our other services.
Most services and resources are available free of charge. Since we are a non-profit organization, we ask individuals who are in a position to pay for services to voluntarily make donations to the organization in lieu of mandatory fees. This will help us cover our operating expenses, and still make the resources accessible to those who can’t afford them. 
When necessary, we try to find creative ways to help you address your needs.
All individuals are allowed to participate in our voluntary incentive program. Individuals facing financial hardships are especially encouraged to participate, since it was designed to help them.
Why do you offer the incentive program?
Through experience, we have discovered that some people struggle with achieving their dreams because they have difficulty doing the things they need to do. Those difficulties can be a result of personality, time, disinterest, fear, depression, distractions or lack of resources to do it. Just like with a job, a financial reward can motivate some people to do things they otherwise may not get around to doing voluntarily. 
Also, because some of our clients may be facing financial hardships, this program was designed to help them address those hardships.
Why do you offer retail gift cards and cards for gasoline as incentives?
Our goal is to teach our clients to take advantage of whatever resources are available to them and to not depend on one source to get their needs met.  Most institutions and charities will rightfully focus on helping people facing challenging times by providing for basic needs, such as food, shelter and clothing.  They often provide in modest ways. Some agencies may provide things such as passes for public transportation. However, there are other needs that often don’t get met through such social services.  
Our aim is not to replace or compete with such social service agencies, but rather to supplement what they are already doing.  We do encourage our clients to avail themselves to social services if and when it is appropriate. 
By providing gift cards to full-service retail stores, clients are afforded the dignity of deciding for themselves what they need, and have the freedom of choice in, addressing them.
While providing access to public transportation is an appropriate resource to offer, sometimes public transportation can limit mobility. Some clients may be better served by having gasoline to put in their car so they can get to interviews, support group meetings, etc. 
Ready to Take the Next Step?
If after learning about how we can help you, and what will be expected of you, you do believe we can assist you, then contact Kathleen High to schedule an intake interview.