New Career Vision
Career Transition Resource Center
Holistically empowering individuals with information, resources and support 
to achieve their education and career dreams
Education Research:
   School Research Tools:
       (transfer agreements between California public colleges/universities)
  •    Learning Advisor– Degree and certificate research tool for adult learners
   Accreditation Research Tools:  
Career Research: (How to Find a New Career)
Free, Open-Access Online Databases for Exploring and Researching Career Interests
  • California Career Cafe – A free career planning website developed by the California Community College system. Resources are open to the public. 
  • My Next Move: What What do you want to do for a living? (O-Net)
  • O*Net – occupational search database
Organizations That Help Individuals to Identify Appropriate Career Goals
  • Women at Work – a non-profit career resource center in Pasadena, CA
  • JVS Los Angeles – a non-profit career services and job search center in Los Angeles, CA
Job Search Links:  (How to Find a New Job)
  • Your Employment Network – a self-paced return-to-work assistance resource for adults receiving SSI benefits. 
  • Workforce 50 – Employment and Career Change Resources for People Over 50
For Help with Starting New For-Profit and/or Non-Profit Business Links
  • Angel Capital Association – A network high net worth individual who invests directly into promising entrepreneurial businesses in return for stock in the companies.  
Social Service & Other Community Service Links
    Financial, food, shelter, clothing, etc. 
  • Dial 2-1-1 – for referrals to local social service organizations
  • United Way – help finding referrals for food, shelter, clothing, medical and other needs, etc.
  • We Connect – A first place to start to find referrals to government and community-based resources for money, opportunities, and dreams in California
  • Working Wardrobes – Professional wardrobe assistance to disadvantaged populations
    Legal Clinics 
    Family & Personal Support Services
  • United Way – help finding referrals for counseling needs, etc.
  • Elder Care:
    Community-Based Psychological Clinics & Assessments – University Counselor Training Centers    
    Psychological counseling (and possibly testing services) (Fees are often based on ability to pay) 
    Pet Care
  • No Paws Left Behind — Helps homeowners facing foreclosure find shelter care for their pets
   Veterans’ Resources