New Career Vision
Career Transition Resource Center
Holistically empowering individuals with information, resources and support 
to achieve their education and career dreams
Consultation with our knowledgeable, resourceful, and helpful consultants:
  • Career Counselor
  • Education Counselor
We offer quality assessments to help individuals understand themselves.  Understanding oneself is the first step in identifying “who you are, what do you want, and how do you get there?”  The following are some of the basic areas for which assessments can increase one’s self-awareness:
  • Personality
  • Interests
  • Strengths
  • Values
  • Transferable Skills
  • Well Being
Individual study lessons are available as needed and appropriate for topics relevant to adults pursuing their career journey. 
Resource Center
We have a library or referrals to hundreds of books on subjects related to undertaking one’s journey. 
  • Books on relevant subjects
  • Access to online job search and career research tools
We offer several education, career, job search and life-skills workshops to give individuals the information they need to succeed at their journey.  
Taking a holistic approach to helping individuals succeed at their career transition goals, means admitting that everything affects a person’s actions and decision-making process.  Therefore when a client presents a need that is interfering with what they need to do, we must address it.  Some needs are beyond our skills, mission, and resources.  Therefore, we will provide referrals for needs which we can’t address. 
A voluntary merit-earning program* which allows individuals to earn points by utilizing the centers resources and recommended activities and redeemable towards incentives such as gift cards.
*Individuals must first go through the following workshop to be eligible to participate in this program:
Watch movies, related to specific themes, and discuss implications