New Career Vision
Career Transition Resource Center

Holistically empowering individuals with information, resources and support
to achieve their education and career dreams
Individual study lessons are available as needed and appropriate for topics relevant to adults pursuing their career journey. Individual handouts are available as requested or suggested based on the individual’s unique needs:
  • Understanding the Learning Process
  • Self-Awareness (How are you wired? and What do you want?)
    • Preferred Learning Styles
    • Values, Motivation, Success, Generational Values
    • Environmental Shaping (Including culture)
    • Assessments (to identify personality, interests, strengths, values, and transferable skills)
    • Paradigm Shifts
  • Self-Direction (How do you get where you want to go?)
    • Goal Setting
    • Priority Setting
    • Relationship Management
    • Time Management
  • Academic Skills (studying well)
    • Critical Thinking
    • Memorizing
    • Reading
    • Note Taking
    • Test Taking
  • Research Skills (general and career)
    • Using library resources
    • Informational Interviewing
    • Exploring career interests
  • Understanding Higher Education Systems
    • California Higher Education Systems & How to make good choices
    • School Research Project
    • Educational Goals Worksheet (Reflecting on self-knowledge to aid educational decision-making)
  • Utilizing Campus Resources
  • Job Search Skills
    • Resumes
    • Interviewing
    • “Tell Me About Yourself” (A worksheet to help you formulate an effective response to that popular interview question.)
    • Tips for Special Populations
  • Summarizing Information Learned
  • Faith-Based Curriculum