New Career Vision
Career Transition Resource Center
Holistically empowering individuals with information, resources and support 
to achieve their education and career dreams
Events – New Career Vision:
The following is a list of events that New Career Vision will host or participate in:
In-House Event
  • TBA
Outreach Event
  • TBA

Events – Our Consultants:
Our consultants periodically participate in events and activities not directly linked to New Career Vision, but may still be of value to our clients.
Education & Career Consultant
  • Kathleen E. High
Events – Other Institutions:
We will provide referrals to other institutions’ events that are relevant to our mission and purpose. These events may include workshops, classes and other activities that will support our goal of empowering individuals to take charge of their education and career.
Education Provider Events
Most colleges and universities have career centers, and other student support services offices that hold regular events for their current and prospective students and alumni.  Check that school and department’s websites for their event calendars to see what kind of activities they have scheduled.
Career One-Stop Center Events
Most career one-stop centers offer a variety of workshops for developing effective job-search skills and possibly also offer job fairs. Check with your local one-stop office to identify any upcoming workshops or job fairs.and other activities.

Non-Profit Resource Center Events
There are a variety of non-profit resource centers available that provide information and support on a variety of topics, such as starting a small business, starting a non-profit organization, family support, legal aid, animal care, etc. Resources centers typically offer workshops on a regular basis as a form of outreach. Check with the resource center you are interested in to to see what kind of activities they have scheduled.  Links to resources that may be of interest to our clients is listed below.

Faith-Based Provider Events
Many faith-based organizations offer variety of workshops on a variety of topics such as developing good life and coping skills, providing for basic needs, and possibly resources for the unemployed. Many of those events will be open to the public and offered as a service to their community. Check with your local  faith-based community to identify any upcoming activities that may be useful to you.