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Faith-Based Resources


Faith-Based Community Resources:
Local Church/Place of Worship – Many churches and places of worship offer resources  to its members and possibly the general public as well.  Contact them directly or check their website (if they have one) to find out what resources they offer. Resources offered will vary from location to location, but the following are a list of potential resources that may be offered:
  • Pysical Needs:  Food, clothing, household items or repair, automobile repair, rent/mortage assistance, utilitiy payments, transportation assistance, etc.
  • Life Skills Training:  Parenting, boundaries, anger management, stress management, etc.
  • Support Groups:  Grief, anger management, substance abuse and other addictions, job search help, spiritual support, and possibly other resources as well.
  • Counseling – Individual and counseling classes – marriage, family, crisis, and spiritual support.

Support Programs/Resources:
Often times when people experience pain, suffering, or major life transitions, they may may ask themselves, “Where is God in my situation? Does God know what I am going through?  Does he care? Is he mad at me and that is why I’m dealing with this? What does he want from me? Will he meet my needs?”
An individual’s ability to work through, and make peace with, such concerns will significantly affect their success at their journey. Therefore, in order to help our clients succeed at their journey, we need to be willing to address those kinds of concerns. We are not a religious organization, but we do want our clients to feel safe in bringing up whatever concerns they may be dealing with. With that in mind, we will provide referrals as needed for our clients.
  • Ascending Lights – Church leadership development and scholarship program for economically-disadvantaged community college students who are actively serving in their local churches. 
  • Onesimus – A mentoring program for individuals recently released from incarceration. It’s goal is to help individuals transition back into becoming productive members of society. Orange County, CA based.
Support Organizations (Non-profit, for-profit, etc. organizations whose purpose is to empower individuals in achieving their goals):
  • International Association of Ministries (IAM) – Mission: “Multiplying Need-Meeting, Hurt-healing, Hope-building Evangelistic Ministries.”  Their purpose is to empower individuals with a vision to start up potential ministries and/or non-profit organizations. 
  • Center for Faith and Enterprise – Mission:  “affirm the value of business and related vocations; the importance of faith; healthy markets, enterprise for human well-being; and the role faith and spirituality can play in supporting and informing our work.”
  • Made to Flourish – Connecting theology and economics for pastoral ministry that produces human flourishing.
  • – We are a community of evangelical seminaries equipping pastors to connect biblical wisdom and sound theology to work and the economy.
Book Referrals:
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