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Helpful Assessments:
The following assessments are very useful in helping individuals understand themselves better, which tends to facilitate better decision-making.  You can use these for your own personal use, and/or recommend them to clients when appropriate. Tools marked with an asterisk (*) require special credentials to administer to others.
  • Career Anchors (Research-based assessment on work values): Does not include money because money usually represents something else instead.
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator* (MBTI)  – Personality:
  • Step I – 4 letter code
  • Step II — differentiation within each code
  • Step III* (psychologists only)  — 
  • Wellbeing Finder – The 5 Essential Elements:  Career, Social, Financial, Physical, Community
  • Vocopher – A free database of career research, free career assessments and other resources. Intended to be a tool for career development professionals.