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to achieve their education and career dreams
Helpful Links:
Here are some links to help you:
Consultant Training & Support Resources: 
(To help you establish yourself as an independent business consultant)
  • CDF Trainers – List of places to go for training to get certified as e a Career Development Facilitator (individuals who support various populations with careers — career center personnel, career coaches, resume writers, human resource professionals, employment placement personnel, etc.)
  • Website Development:  
  • Using Social Media:
  • Information to help you set up your social media:
  • Blog Hosting Sites:
  • Copyright registration information
Client Support Resources:  (To help you to help the clients)
  • Wellbeing Finder – The 5 Essential Elements:  Career, Social, Financial, Physical, Community
  • Event photographers – University Photo — For establishing professional online presence
  • CTE Toolbox – Resources for Career and Technical Education
Professional Associations/Networking Organizations and Resources:
  • Career Readiness Partner Counsel – a broad-based coalition of education, policy, business, philanthropic organizations that strives to forward a more comprehensive vision for what it means to be career ready.
  • CAEL – Council for Adult and Experiential Learning – Links learning to work for adults.
Informational – Topics of Interest to Staff Members
  • Geert Hofsteade – Leading Researcher into National and Organizational Culture (Helpful in understanding Globalization)
  • Developmental Education Links – Mt. San Antonio College (Mt. SAC) is a leader in promoting developmental education.  This link provides access to resources in Dev. Education.  Click on the “Professional Development” tab on the middle of the page.