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Career Transition Resource Center
Holistically empowering individuals with information, resources and support 
to achieve their education and career dreams
For Staff Members Only 
– Workshops
Workshops: (Kathleen created for the clients, but may also be useful for consultants as well)  
  • “Social Media & Career Success” (Social Media, Photos, Videos, Email, Websites, 
Blogging, and “Personal Branding”)
  • Meeting Financial Responsibilities:  By Not Putting All Your Eggs Into One Basket
  • Managing Life’s Transitions:  Personal – Relationships – Societal — Education – Work – Military
  • Identifying Your Transferable Skills (Are you a Team Player, Problem-Solver, Leader, or 
     Great Communicator?)
  • Planning for an Unpredictable Future: How to Respond to a World of Constant Change
  • Unemployed and Looking for Answers